Aaron has been diagnosed with a very rare form of Systemic Juvenile Xanthogranuloma which has affected his brain, his eyes, skin and bone. He's underwent 2 very long years of aggressive chemotherapy at Children's Hospital in Minneapolis, MN.

Aaron is my hero. He has maintained such a positive attitude throughout his fight. I feel guilty sometimes because as his mother, I’m supposed to be his strength and his comfort. He doesn’t realize it, but often times it’s him and his smile that get me through my days. He is also very brave. With all of the tests, the poking and the cutting, he has never resisted. Even when he knows the procedure will be painful. He understands that he needs to experience things that no child should ever have to if he is to win this battle. 

We are taking this day by day as the answers that we get lead us into even more unknown territory. We’ve been learning to take each day for what it holds, that we are much stronger than we give ourselves credit for and that it’s OKAY to lean on others during weak moments. Most importantly however, we’ve learned to never take a single smile for granted.